Junto al Palmar del Bajío

Guillermo Portabales - Aquellas Lindas Melodías

00:13 Maureen picks up Kyra's bags from the Fashion store.

Ave generosa (Inst.) – Hildegarde von Bingen

Jordi Savall - The Forgotten Kingdom

00:30 Maureen drives her motorcycle to Lewis' house.

Pavana (Anonyme)

Hespèrion XX, Jordi Savall - Elizabethan Consort Music, 1558-1603

00:52 Maureen leaves the train station and drives to Kyra's apartment.

Das Hobellied

Marlene Dietrich - Pop Masters: Das Hobellied

00:55 Maureen looks at pictures of Kyra at Fashion Week from her computer. She then undresses herself and tries on one of Kyra's clothing

The Leaving of the Country Lover

Amazing Blondel - Going Where the Music Takes Me

01:06 Maureen watches a video from a movie which explains the seance.

The Miraculous

Anna von Hausswolff - The Miraculous

01:21 The unknown texter sends Maureen a message, demanding her to return back to the hotel room.

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