Sense of Emergency

Sullen Waves - Sense of Emergency (EP)

00:03 Seth is listening to music on the bus when he sees Holly.

Water Reflection Part 1

Craig Walker & Julien Burel

00:04 Seth is listening to music at his computer, he searchs for Holly Garling's profile online.

Snake Eyes

The Walkers - It's What They Sell You

00:09 Seth is looking at Holly's profile online, finding out her likes and dislikes in order to impress her.

Can't Run Away

Loz Netto - 80s New Romantics

00:11 Seth is at a diner where Holly works at.

All I Want

D M Ecks

00:12 Seth is just finishing his food when Holly comes to his table. He tries to convince her to join him to a Ben Folds concert but she refuses.

See Me Through

Stuart Barry Maxfield & Aaron David Anderson

00:16 Holly returns to the diner where one of employees informs her that someone has left a bonquet of roses for her.

Liquor Store Blues

Craig Stickland - Leave Me to the Wild

00:17 Holly goes to visit her ex-boyfirend Eric at the bar. She ask him if he was the one who sent her the bonquet of roses for her eariler

They Are Coming

We Were Indians

00:18 Eric tries to convince Holly to get back together, she refuses. Seth then enters the bar and eavesdrops at their conversation from a distance,

What I Do

Jessy 'Jasper' Aarons

00:19 Seth follows Holly outside the bar and talks to her from a distance. She finds out that Seth has been stalking her and gets into a fight with him.


Sullen Waves - Sense of Emergency (EP)

00:20 Seth follows Holly back into the bar and tries to apologize for stalking her when Holly tells her ex-boyfriend Eric that Seth has tried to assault her. Eric then takes a bat and beats Seth up, who is laughing.

Ice Cold

Jessy 'Jasper' Aarons

00:27 Holly is walking home.

Truck on Fire/Ben Attacks Harry/Leg of Leg

George Hormel

00:32 Nate is watching Night of The Living Dead when Seth brings a package into the front entrance with a sedated Holly inside.


Sullen Waves - Sense of Emergency (EP)

00:36 Seth is listening to music on his headphones on the bus. Second end credits song.

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