Pu$$y Money Bling

Cook Thugless

00:03 David greets Andrew outside the Beta fraternity. (0:17) The group is on the couch with the girls. (0:19) Ethan and Rachel look for the bathroom.

Net Worthless

Cook Thugless - Money

00:06 David tries to talk with Derek at the Beta fraternity party.

Junk Stew

Cook Thugless - Money

00:08 David and his friends talk at the kitchen. They get kicked out of the fraternity.

Brotherhood II


00:14 Max and Ricky brings the group to the party. They take “special” shots at the kitchen.


S U R V I V E - The Guest (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:18 David and his friends dances with the girls at the party.

The Tide

Mr. Jackson - Back in November

00:20 David and his friends take shots at the party. They make out with the girls.


Ten Mile Tongue

00:22 David packs his bag at the dorm room. Ethan asks them if the girls live there. Justin asks if the fraternity members own a yacht.

The Modern Life

MARKS - The Modern Life

00:45 Max plays this song on the radio as Ricky brings Rachel in a nurse costume in the room.

Pomp and Circumstance

Jon Natchez

01:13 End credits song.

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