Mark Isham

00:01 Opening titles. Surfing and shooting

Pappas' Theory

Mark Isham

00:11 Pappas thinks that the Ex-Presidents are surfers, so Utah decides to go undercover and investigate it

I Want You

Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting - 20th Anniversary Edition (Remastered)

00:16 Song as Johnny watches Tyler change in her car

Hundreds Of Tears

Sheryl Crow

00:18 Johnny tries to persuade Tyler to teach him surfing. He lies that his parents were killed in a carwreck, and Tyler, an orphan herself, agrees to help

I Will Not Fall

Wire Train

00:20 Tyler teaches Johnny how to surf

Both Parents Deceased

Mark Isham

00:22 Johnny sees Bodhi for the first time. Tyler notices that he watches Bodhi doing crazy surfing stuff and tells Johhny about him

Smoke on the Water


00:24 Song during the night match on the beach.

The Tackle

Mark Isham

00:25 Johnny pursues Bodhi who's got the ball and pushes him into the water. Bodhi recognizes him as a former athlete

Rose Colored Glasses

School of Fish - School of Fish

00:28 Johnny and Angelo get hair from people on different beaches

Fight With Razorheads

Mark Isham

00:32 Johnny is attacked by a gang at the beach. Bodhi helps him to sort it out

7 and 7 is


00:30 Johnny and Warchild collide while riding the same wave. Angelo watches it from his car

Bodhi And Utah

Mark Isham

00:35 Johnny and Bodhi walk towards the car and talk. Bodhi invites him to the party

My City

Shark Island

00:36 Angelo and Johnny follow the Razorheads' car and consult the FBI database about them

Over the Edge

L.A. Guns - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of L.A. Guns (Remastered)

00:38 The gang gathers around the fire and gets wild about surfing. Bodhi tells Johnny about fifty year storm

Night Surfing

Mark Isham

00:42 The gang, Utah and Tyler leave the party to surf. Johnny gets the spirit for the first time

Love On The Beach

Mark Isham

00:44 Johnny and Tyler kiss, sitting on their surfboards. In the morning Johnny wakes up and realizes he's really late

Razorhead Raid

Mark Isham

00:50 FBI operation. A girl opens the door and Pappas talks to her while Utah realizes the gang is armed

Utah, Tyler / Four Horsemen

Mark Isham

00:56 Johnny lies next to the sleeping Tyler and strokes her arm. Bodhi drops in to take them to the beach. Watching the gang surf Johnny suddenly understands that they are the 'ghostly' Ex-Presidents

Outside Pappas

Mark Isham

00:59 Utah persuades Pappas that the surfers are robbing the bank the next day and are leaving as the summer is over


Public Image Limited

01:00 Utah buys sandwiches, missing the Ex-Presidents' appearance

Car/Foot Chase

Mark Isham

01:01 Angelo drives wild, chasing the Ex-Presidents' car. Then Johnny pursues Bodhi, in the end injuring his knee and letting Bodhi escape as he's unable to shoot him


Mark Isham

01:10 The gang discusses how to act further around the fire. Bodhi convinces them all not to leave immediately but to continue the game

The Shadow Gun Found Out

Mark Isham

01:11 Tyler finds Utah's badge and gun and understands he's been telling lies. She screams at him and runs away

Tyler Misunderstands

Mark Isham

01:08 Johnny tries to tell Tyler the truth as she cleans his scratches. While he hesitates she silences and kisses him


Mark Isham

01:15 Johnny's first jump

Post Parachute TV

Mark Isham

01:21 Bodhi shows Johnny his 'insurance policy' - the tape in which Rosie holds Tyler hostage

Bank Robbery

Mark Isham

01:26 Bodhi blackmails Johnny to take part in the bank robbery. It goes unlucky and Grommet gets killed in the skirmish

Shooting At Airport

Mark Isham

01:33 While Johnny begs Bodhi to let Tyler go so that he'll just walk away, Roach kills Pappas and Pappas badly wounds Roach

No Parachute

Mark Isham

01:37 Bodhi and Roach prepare to bail out. When Bodhi throws away his gun and jumps, Utah picks it up and follows him to catch him in the air. Bodhi refuses to pull the cord so Johnny has to throw the gun away as well and to pull it himself

Love In The Desert

Mark Isham

01:42 Johnny badly injures his knee because of the rough landing. Rosie releases Tyler and she runs to hug Johnny. Bodhi and Rosie drive away

Down To The Wire

Little Caesar

00:38 Pappas brings cold pizza for the undercover agents.

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