Russian Beauty

John Cacavas

00:26 The hotel staff gets a phone call at the lobby from a woman in distress. (0:30) Duncan and the woman and child leave through the hotel lobby.

Fiesta Mexicana (Mexican Party)

Rene Byron Brizuela, Enrique Carbaja

00:27 Pedro is partying with some girls at the hotel room when he hears loud noises coming from the hallways.

Symphony #101 'Clock' 2nd Mvt.

Fiachra Trench

00:44 Vivian gets a call from Facundo.

Given Time

David Mindel

00:34 The general store owner introduces Duncan to Camille, his next door neighbor, while shopping for birthday supplies. The assassins drive away in the car.


James Walsh & Greg Hatwell - Acoustic Singer Songwriter

00:58 Duncan asks the general store owner what gifts to buy for a girl.

Fiesta Mexicana

Musica Mexicana - Pasión de México: Traditional Mexican Mariachi, Bolero & More

00:27 Pedro is partying with some girls at the hotel room when he hears loud noises coming from the hallways.

Hometown Sweetheart

Guy Fletcher & Rod Williams - The Nashville Story

00:42 Camille shows Duncan her wildlife photos at the diner. She asks Duncan what he does for a living.

Bad Medicine (As Heard In Vegas Vacation)

God's Children - Big Movies, Big Music, Vol. 5

00:29 Vivian is at a strip club. She receives a call from Duncan.

God Save the Queen

Graham de Wilde - Around the World in 80 Minutes 4

00:48 Flashback to Duncan assassinating a target in England.

Dancing the Night Away

Sammy Burdson & John Charles Fiddy - Ballroom Dancing

00:07 Duncan checks in with his financial advisor.

Samba Fever

Frederic Vitani

00:36 The assassins look for Duncan at Miami, Florida.

High Society

David Arnold & Paul Hart - Classic Lines: String Quartet

00:10 Vivian meets with Duncan to discuss the job in Belarus.

Turkmenistan Violin

Lars-Luis Linek & Johannes Matthias Hoffmann - Authentic World Series: Central Asia II

00:21 Mr. Blut swings a sword and tells the Damocles Enterprise board members about the sword’s history. (1:27) Duncan calls Vivian, he wants to make a deal.


Earth, Wind & Fire - 21 American Icons

The opening scene with the group of assassins and Johnny Knoxville

The Blood of the Warriors

Roger Abaji - Music Featured in "Polar" Netflix Movie - EP

00:19 Vivian hangs up the phone. She tells Mr. Blut that 1 million dollars must be in Duncan’s account before he goes to Belarus.

Let's Ride Into the Sunset Together

Tony Vice - Music from Redwing Ranch

00:38 Camille talks with Duncan about the town.

Islands in the Stream (with Kenny Rogers)

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Dolly

00:45 Karl sings along to the song in the car as the others attempt to choke the fat man.


Muzikotek - 81 Provinces: Authentic Turkish Folk Music

00:47 Flashback to Duncan assassinatting a target in Turkey.

Wiener Bonbons

Lars Ole Payne - Alpine Holiday

00:50 Mr. Blut talks with Hilde over the phone. (1:34) Mr. Blut watches the video feed of his men surrounding Duncan at the warehouse.

Can't Stop Lovin' You

Jim Wolfe - 50 Years of Country USA, Vol. 2: 1962-1986

00:57 Karl and Facundo keep a lookout for Duncan in the car.

King of the Road

Roger Miller - Mad Men - A Musical Companion (1960-1965)

01:10 Porter sings this song at the karaoke bar.

Heartland Tales

Dana Bisignano, Eric Dorn, Mario Salinas

01:17 Mr. Blut plays this record as he tortures Duncan for 3 days.

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