Lascia Ch'io Pianga

Stephanie Martin, Claude Foisy

00:24 Rose watches the transhumanism presentation video. Later, Chelsea drives her to the Burroughs Clinic.

Ave Maria

Claude Foisy, Nathalie Bonin

01:41 Aftermath of the rabies outbreak.

Prelude in C Major

Claude Foisy

00:26 Rose and Chelsea arrive at the lobby of the clinic. [0:40] Rose reunites with Chelsea at the lobby [1:31] Brad takes Rose to the clinic..

Break Me Down


00:08 Rose asks Brad why he does photo journalism. Brad then asks what she wants to do.


Care Failure

00:45 Rose and Chelsea walk to the party. Rose bumps into Gunter who is astonished by the dress she's wearing. Rose and Chelsea enter the party and start drinking and dancing.

Broken Glass Kisses


01:08 Brad takes Rose out for dinner. He asks her about her appetite.



01:19 Gunter is being interview att he opening of his collection.



01:25 Rose starts experiencing more hallucinations at the show. Brad tells Rose that she should go back to the clinic.



01:27 The models walk down the runway. Brad tells Rose they need to leave now.



01:43 End credits song.

Legend no.2: St. Francis of Paul Walking on the Waters

Marc-André Hamelin

00:30 Dr. Borroughs begins the reconstructive surgury on Rose.


Nigel Glockler and Doug Scarratt

00:57 Billy gets into a fight with the bouncers outside the club and leaves.

Little Lies

Fake Shark - Walking Through a Fantasy

00:06 Rose arrives at the party. She finds Brad there.

Do It Again (feat. GOOSE)

Soldout - Do It Again (feat. GOOSE) - Single

00:11 Rose is at the restroom where she overhears two women talking about her. She finds out that Chelsea arranged Brad to bring her to the party and confronts Chelsea about it.

We Like It Loud

Sleeping With Sirens - Madness (Deluxe Edition)

02:24 second song play over ending credits

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