The Tuff Do What?

Tonio K

Mitch arrives on campus for the first time.

Summertime Girls

Y&T - Ultimate Collection: Y&T

At Pacific Tech's "Smart People on Ice" party

I'm Falling

The C.S. Angels

00:27 Studying montage.

I'm Falling

Comsat Angels

Mitch is working, studying & going to class. Several scenes happen during the song: Kent tries to hit him, Jordan shows new invention, classroom filled with tape recorders instead of students.

You're the Only Love

Paul Hyde and the Payolas

01:04 Mitch reveals his feelings for Jordan in her room.

The Pleasure Seekers

The System - The Pleasure Seekers

00:22 Still playing in the ice, this comes on right after Summertime Girls

One Night Love Affair

Bryan Adams - Live! Live! Live!

At the party with the student beauticians, where Mitch and Jordan almost get together.

Summertime Girls (Studio Version)


00:19 The students create ice inside the dorms and play in it.

The Walls Came Down

The Call - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Call

00:25 Mitch and Chris talk over a vending machine breakfast..

Number One

Chaz Jankel

Second montage, primarily involving Chris continuing to work in defiance of Dr. Hathaway.

Standing In the Line

Carla Olson & The Textones

01:16 The crew eats at Purgatory burger joint and discovers the true purpose of the laser.

Standing in the Line

Carla Olson and the Textones - Midnight Mission

Background music at "Purgatory: Home of the Limbo Burger."

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