My Sharona

The Knack - Reality Bites (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Everyone except Troy dance in the convenience store

When You Come Back to Me

World Party - Reality Bites (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lelaina leaves for work, Vicky notes down the name of the guy leaving her room in her diary, Troy steals the snickers from his workplace, end credits

Tempted (94)

Squeeze - Reality Bites (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Vicky and Lelaina drive along singing before their car gets hit

Baby, I Love Your Way

Big Mountain - Reality Bites (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

When Lelaina and Michael are sitting on the hood of the car drinking Big Gulps after their first date

Conjunction Junction


When four of them were at the rooftop of the building horseplaying


Maldita Vecindad - Lo Esencial: Maldita Vecindad

When Lelaina's aplying job in Wienerdude

Story of My Life

Social Distortion

Song used in Lelaina's documentary in In Your Face TV

I'm Just A Bill

Winona Ryder

Lelaina's back in her apartment braiding her hair dissapointed to Michael Bates

Road to Nowhere

Talking Heads - Popular Favorites 1976-1992: Sand In the Vaseline

When Lelaina's pierce was played in In Your Face TV

Gas Card

World Party

Is this the song playing while Lelaina is using her dad’s gas card? I’ve been trying to find this song for years!

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