Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Green Day - International Superhits!

00:08 Jay talks to his son, Clive about his video presentation before school.

From Nowhere

Dan Croll - Sweet Disarray

00:09 Plays in the car as Jay drives his kids to school.

Bad Without You

Escondido - The Ghost of Escondido

00:12 Jay talks to Max in the studio about sending nude pics.

Freek'n You

Jodeci - Back to the Future - The Very Best of Jodeci

00:18 They try to have sex in bed but keep getting distracted.

Karma Chameleon

Culture Club - The Bad Batch (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:22 Jay sings this to himself as he prepares tequila shots.


Chiddy Bang - What to Expect When You're Expecting (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:27 The morning after they make the sex tape. Water fight with the kids.

So Much Better

Mike Viola - Lurch

00:29 Second song at the kids party. Hank and Robby go to the side to talk about a 'thing'.

Angel of Death

Slayer - Soundtrack to the Apocalypse (Deluxe Version)

00:45 Hank plays this screamo music in his house after Annie tries to distract him as Jay tries to find the iPad.

Where the Hood At

DMX - Grand Champ

00:47 Hank plays a different, more 'festive' song.

Expendable Youth

Slayer - Decade of Aggression (Live)

00:51 Annie and Hank do cocaine.

Concert Pitch

Empire of the Sun - Ice On the Dune

01:19 Song as they rush to get the kids ready for the school, the morning following the YouPorn break in.


Ginuwine - Ginuwine... The Bachelor

01:27 At the end of the movie as they re-watch the sex tape.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Etta James - The Essential Etta James

01:29 Second song as they watch the tape again.


The Bird and the Bee - Undone - Single

01:31 Song during the end credits.

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