Too Much Shaft (with Saweetie)

Quavo - Shaft (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:00 When Junior, shaft 1 and shaft wore their glasses and were walking on the road

Make The Earthquake

Biggie Tallz

Fire Fight at Gordito's place when Shaft, Shaft II and Junior is trying to free Sasha.

Bring It To Me

The Math Club

00:39 Played in an fm station while driving a car

Caught Up

Caleborate - Real Person

20:57 After the party and they’re back at Junior’s apartment and he asks Shaft to get him a coconut water and Shaft ends up going through pictures of Junior

Soft Shoe

Eric Reed

00:49 when shaft and junior got home after the party

By Your Side

The Math Club

when JJ kisses his friend girl in the hospital towards the end of the movie after his father had been shot

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