Hocus Pocus

Focus - Baby Driver (Music from the Motion Picture)

the blood cult arrive at the crash site

Love On a Real Train

Tangerine Dream - Live In America / 1992

When Cole was talking about the Stars constellation, just before they reached the wooden cabin.

Police Truck

Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death

Cole and Phoebe ride jenny with Max in pursuit

Black Velvet

Alannah Myles - Pop Queens

the dads karaoke otw to the cabin


The Sugarhill Gang - The Sitter (Music from the Motion Picture)

at the end of the movie when cole kiss phoebe

I Feel What You Feel

The Final Decisions

Phoebe has a flashback about her parents

Fish Heads

Barnes & Barnes - Fish Heads - Single

Cole shoots the fish plaque

Killer Queen

Queen - Queen Rock Montreal

at the end when the babysitter dies

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