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Baby Blue (feat. Chance the Rapper)

Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful

(0:05) Greg cruises through a garbage dump in the street.

Les princes des villes

Michel Berger - Pour me comprendre

(0:32) Jérôme allows Greg and company to confiscate marijuana for their sting.

La bandite

Jul - Rien 100 Rien

(0:34) Antoine and Greg argue with a young detainee. The boy requests that the song volume be turned up in the vehicle. Antoine watches as the kid raps to the music.

Down Man

Brainbox - Logan Lucky (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(0:43) Greg gets into a scuffle, he’s sent to the downtown area after being outed as a cop in the north.


Alonzo - 100 %

(1:00) Greg’s team enters a drug production complex.

The House of the Rising Sun

The Animals - Retrospective

(1:36) Greg is released from prison.

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