El Ruso

Daymé Arocena - Nueva Era

Playing on the radio in Malin's car as he drives to the College.

El Pequeño Son

Cucurucho - Ni Antes Ni Después

As Malin and Javi leave the parade and drive home along the Malecon. Also, playing in the background of the grocery store.


Omara Portuondo & Chucho Valdés - Desafíos

In the background while Malin is typing his thesis and transitions to his car radio.

Amiguitos Vamos Todos a Cantar

Teresíta Fernández - Música Infantil

While the children draw and create art for Alexi.

December In New York

Bill Laurance - Live At Union Chapel

While Malin is rushing to get to the hospital on his bicycle to be there for Alexi's surgery.

Raspodia Cubana (On Cuban Airs)

Thomas Tirino, Micheal Bartos, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

While Malin and the rest of the staff from the children's ward visit the new facility.

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