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Semi-Charmed Life

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (20th Anniversary Edition)

00:08 Sam gives Kelly and Jimbo a ride home in his jeep.

Why Can\'t We Be Friends?

Smash Mouth

00:09 Song as they arrive at Kelly\'s house. She opens the gate for them.

I Want What I Want

Lauren Christy - Breed

00:12 Kelly and her friend are cleaning Mr. Lombardo's jeep. They are soaking each other with water.

Can't Get Enough of Your Love

Barry White

00:15 Sam is looking through the photos talking about fishing. Mrs. Van Ryan calls Sam.

Love Machine

The Miracles - The 35th Anniversary Collection

00:15 Kelly's mum is having sex with some guy before the phone rings.


Joe Cuba

00:25 Sam walks into Ken Bowden's (Bill Murray) office and asks for legal advice.

The Poor Side of Town

Johnny Rivers - Johnny Rivers: Greatest Hits

00:28 Sam leaves the bar and looks out over the motel.

Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues

Danny O'Keefe - Louie Louie And the History of Northwest Rock & Radio (Soundtrack)

00:28 Sam is welcomed by the barmaid as he enters. He orders a rum and coke.

Not an Addict

K's Choice - 10: 1993-2003 - Ten Years of K's Choice

00:33 Sergeant Duqutte (Bacon) and his colleague visit Suzie in her trailer.

Hold Your Eyes

Sugar Ray - Lemonade and Brownies

Suzie smokes while she’s visited by Duquette.

Louie Louie

Iggy Pop - American Caesar

00:45 Song when Sam and Ken are in the car after they win the court case.

Hold You Eyes

Sugar Ray

00:58 Sergeant Duquette (Bacon) catches Suzie smoking weed.

The Good Life

Rat Bat Blue - A Bitter Pill

01:07 Song when Kelly and Suzie are in the car together.

Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)

Sweet Emily

01:39 Suzie kisses Ken on the beach before leaving. Ken tells her to be good. Plays into end credits.

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