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Goes On

Chance Peña

Spencer reflects on the Crenshaw field as Coach Baker approaches him.

Where the Sparks Fly Upward

Arthur Alligood - Portage, Vol. 1: At the Edge of the World - EP

Spencer is told his shoulder is completely recovered; Layla tries to book a venue for Coop, then informs her father she wants to become successful on her own.


Cage the Elephant

Spencer at his dad's grave.


James George & Christoper Paul Chalaye

Layla shows Spencer and Coop for logo ideas, then Patience arrives to pick up Coop for the sit-in.


Firstcom Music

Spencer stands on the football field.

Sexy Black Timberlake

Channel Tres - Sexy Black Timberlake - Single

Spencer complains about the disparity in wealth between Beverly Hills and South Crenshaw, then tells Jordan to go after Simone.

Here We Are


Billy tells the Boosters he can't accept the strings attached to their offer of help, then resigns his job.

Just Friends

Hayden James & Boy Matthews

Laura tells the Boosters they'll regret losing Billy.

See You Again

8 Graves

The players make a toast to Coach Baker; Layla asks Spencer how he's taking Coach Baker's leaving, then suggests he join the South Crenshaw protest.

Livin' it Up (feat. Aaron Encinas)

YOUTH by night

Asher shows up at the gala to ask Olivia to hang out with him and his mom for the summer.

Going Up

Kurt Rockmore - Going Up - Single

Grace and Micah talk to Denise at the Slauson Café.

Long Summers

Vance Westlake & Joe Turner

Olivia tells Asher she thinks he should spend the summer reconnecting with his mother, without her.

Solid Ground

Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA

Olivia has a breakdown. Spencer comes home to check on her.

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