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Move to the Beat

Little Jackie - I Don't Know How She Does It (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Kathleen and Diana come over to Bonnie's to cheer her up and watch Jessica's commercial. The song comes back and plays over the Title Card.

Wanna Be On Your Mind

Valerie June - Pushin' Against a Stone

Bonnie and Steve talk about parenting; they start to feel their old spark.

When U Got It

Danger Twins

Diana is hard at work when her supervisor drops another pile of files on her desk.  It's shaping up to be a bad day.

Tonight You Are Mine

The Technicolors - Ultraviolet Disguise (Deluxe Edition)

As we come out of Adam and Bonnie after their first fight, we see the Title Card, which takes us into Bonnie at work.

Saturday Night

The Sirens

Diana and Alan have become close; they have a heart to heart talk in a bar when a song comes on that makes them get up and dance; the entire bar joins in.


Black Ocean Temple - New Sun

Bonnie leaves the bank, and realizes she has no idea how she will pay her mortage.

Gotta Be Yourself (Mama Always Said)

Danger Twins - Danger Us, Vol. 2 - EP

Kathleen calls her father and stands up to him; cut to Bonnie with Becca and Jessica, outside Jessica's teacher's house; they sneak into his driveway, and write on his car in lipstick.

On The Rocks

Extreme Music

Bonnie approaches Steve at their country club.



Bonnie and Adam have a picnic and decide to take shrooms; as they are tripping, let have some intense conversations about nature.

Look Out!

The Night Party - Get To You

As the episode ends, Bonnie and Steve realize the chemistry is still there and end up having sex. And, Kathleen and Greg find themselves in the same situation.

Love Can Move Mountains

Peaking Lights - The Fifth State of Consciousness

Diana meets Alan at a bar and confides in him that she's been sleeping with lots of men.  

Kiss Me Once More

Crucial Music

Bonnie shows up at the May Co. to collect her check.


Misun - Feel Better - EP

Diana and Alan are at a bar talking about some serious stuff Diana is going through.

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