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Time of Our Lives

Hopeland - Hopeland - EP

Christina and Brandon go swimming, and talk about their perfect matches.

Feelin' Good (Ooh la La)

The DNC - The DNC

The next day, the group all hang out at the pool.

Hurry Back Tonight

Lydia - Devil

The rest of the housemates discuss who they want to enter the truthbooth.


Lauryn Vyce

The couples let loose and party in the house.

Every Day

Magic Man - Before the Waves

The winning couples go ziplining on their getaway.

A Summer Song

Conner Youngblood - The Generation of Lift - EP

Christina and Brandon talk about the probability of being matches.

The Walk

Max and the Moon - The Way I See - EP

Christina and Brandon find out the result of their match.

Never Let You Go

DB2 - Never Let You Go - Single

Paris and Pratt hook up while the rest of the house debates the couples future.

Drivin' Steady

Bang Data - Maldito Carnaval

Ellie finally talks to a guy who could be her match.

Can't Last Forever

Aaron Sprinkle - Water & Guns

The couples get the results of their match-ups, and are shocked with what they discover.

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