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Shake Those Cuffs

Jim Guttridge & Sean Hosein

The stripper turns on some music, then takes off her uniform.

Bridal Chorus

Richard Wagner

Heather sings as she asks what Vincent & Cat think of the church for the wedding.

Bridal Chorus


Heather sings as she asks what Vincent and Cat think of the church.

Can't Stop The Rock


Vincent is surprised by the arrival of his cousin Hank and some other relatives for his bachelor party.

Back to the Ordinary

Kid Astray - Back to the Ordinary - Single

Heather enlists Tess's help to get Cat into her shower; Heather proposes a toast.

Foreground (Instrumental)

Grizzly Bear - Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Cat looks through the box of things her dad gave her and watches a video message from her mother; Cat and Heather hug.

Talking Dreams

Echosmith - Talking Dreams

Cat and Vincent look at another church for their wedding, then end up discussing the risk from Bob & Carol's employer.

San Francisco

Lucero - Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers

At a bar, the cousins play darts; Vincent tells JT he misses his brothers; Vincent is surprised by a stripper dressed as a cop.

What Is to Be Done?

Stars - No One Is Lost

Tess tries to convince Cat that her rant at the shower is ultimately a good thing.

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