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Mother & Father


Cat awakens from a nightmare by Heather calling to her as she arrives with a double espresso. They talk about Liam and Heather comforts her on her worries, they then are joined by Vincent. 

Come Back For Me

Jaymes Young - Habits of My Heart - EP

At a bar, Vincent tells Cat what he did with her father, then comforts her that what happened with her father wasn't her fault. Liam watches Cat & Vincent from across the street. 


Ray Castoldi

00:04 JT complains to Tess about having to drive up state just for a charity slap shot.

Let's Go Home Team #1

Dan Stein

00:05 Tess tries to convince JT to enjoy himself for once.

Speed Up

Michael Licari

00:06 JT is introduced and skates out on the ice.

Let's Go Tigers Let's Go

Michael Licari

00:07 JT skates to the center line for the puck drop, then scores a goal.

Cavalry Charge

Ray Castoldi

00:08 The crowd cheers.

Run Baby Run

The Rigs - Black

Promo for next episode

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