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Maggot Brain

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Chapter title; Looker tells her lead man, Jake, what she needs of him then takes back the power she gave him; Gambi questions his would-be assassin then kills him; Lynn tells Jefferson what happened.

Pull Up

Jesse Scott III - Faith

Tobias fights Khalil then get the upper hand and begins to bit him up.

I'm Strapped On Em

Anthony Coldwinter

Khalil and Tobias fight in his lair.


Incredible Bongo Band - StreetDance 2 (OST)

Black Lighting and Thunder help the Perdi go against the Sange; Gambiy helps from afar through a remote drone; Anaya and her family attempt to get away; Looker drains a Sange while controlling them.

High Tide

Rothstein - High Water

Khalil attempts to talk to Jennifer over the phone, afraid she'll she wounds, until she forces him to come up on the roof where she asks him why it sounds like he's saying goodbye.

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