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Pop Goes the Weasel (feat. Jasmyn Banks)

Call The Midwife Cast

Judith Coleman sings to a colicky Michael as she walks him in his pram for some fresh air.

The Eyes of God

Johnny Nash

Next time preview; End credits.

Here Comes Summer

Jerry Keller - Britain's Greatest Hits of 1959, Vol. 2

The Turners drive through the rain to the Sunny Vista Campsite where they work through the rain to set up their campsite together.

Run Rabbit Run

Pinky & Perky - Pinky & Perky

Patsy, Delia & Sister Monica Joan watch 'Juke Box Jury' on TV with Dr. Godfrey the rules and explain the theme of the show when Phyllis arrive to reprimand him for missing an appointment.   

Psalm 143

Call The Midwife Cast

The sisters sing during compline hour, Sister Julienne notices how low Sister Mary Cynthia is; (repeats) The sisters sing during compline hour with Sister Mary Cynthia's singing high.

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