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Everyone Knows

Vacationer - Gone

Opening montage.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Opening montage.



Nev & Max read over Sunny’s email to them introducing herself and information about her online relationship with Jameson.

Bright Whites

Kishi Bashi - 151A

Nev & Max travel to Arkansas to meet with Sunny in person after talking with her.

One Day I Know

3D Friends - Imaginative Things

Sunny tells Nev about how her and Jamison relationship started online on Facebook.

Hey Hey

Joe Gil - Joe Gil - EP

Sunny tells Nev about the emotional connection she feels with Jameson.


Emily Zuzik - You Had Me At Goodbye

Montage as Nev & Max investigate Jamison thoroughly and inventory his online data.


Marching Band - Pop Cycle

Nev & Max drive to meet Sunny.

Because I Love You

War Stories - War Stories

Nev tells Sunny that she's going to meet Jamison in person.

Sell My Soul


Nev talks with Sunny’s friends to hear their impression of Jamison.

Ho Hey

The Lumineers - The Lumineers

Sunny readies to meet Jamison in person.


The Miracals - Hermosa - EP

Nev swings by Sunny’s apartment to pick her up as she packs to go meet with Jamison.

trust In Weapons

Vlor - a Fire Is Meant for Burning

Sunny and her sister Summer get into a fight over meeting Jamison.

Jack's Flying Theme

Jack and the Bear - Dreams Get You Nowhere

Sunny, Nev & Max roadtrip to go meet with Jameson.


Aarktica - No Solace In Sleep

Summer meets with Jamison face to face for the first time, who turns out to be Chelsea.

All I Can

Sharon Van Etten - Tramp (Deluxe Edition)

Sunny walks away from Chelsea aka Jameson, disgruntle she tries to process her new reality.

If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn

River City Extension - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger

Sunny, Chelsea & Nev pose for a photo after Sunny & Chelsea working out their differences.

Until the Night

Hands & Teeth - Enjoy Your Lifestyle - EP

2013, a year later, Nev Skypes with Chelsea & Sunny to check in on how they've been since.

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