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Everyone Knows

Vacationer - Gone

Opening show montage.


Ha Ha Tonka - Death of a Decade

Opening show montage.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Opening show montage.

Free My Mind

Katie Herzig - The Waking Sleep

Nev & Max read over Jasmine’s email describing the online relationship she has with Mike.

Wrap Your Love Around Me

The Village Green

Nev & Max quickly hurry and fly to Atlanta to meet Jasmine in person.

Oh My Darlin'

Katie Herzig - The Waking Sleep

Nev & Max arrive at Jasmine’s house to meet with her the first time in person.

Coming Or Going

White Arrows - Dry Land Is Not a Myth

In the car, Nev & Max discuss Jasmine & Mike’s situation.

Time Frame

Sydney Wayser - Bell Choir Coast

Jasmine sends a text message to Mike asking him to meet her in person.

The Commuter

Jeremy Messersmith - The Silver City

Nev & Max head to Jasmine’s, they chat about how to prep her for her in-person meeting Mike. 

Water or Whisper

All Smiles - Fall Never Fell EP

Nev & Jasmine head out to go meet Mike.

Say Goodbye

Joe Gil - Joe Gil - EP

Nev & Jasmine chat about the experience after being with Mike.

Ready Or Not

Air Traffic Controller - Nordo

Nev Skypes with Jasmine & Mhissy to catch up with them for an update.

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