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Everyone Knows

Vacationer - Gone

Opening show montage.


Ha Ha Tonka - Death of a Decade

Opening show montage.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Opening show montage.


Sean Renner - The Blossoms of Armageddon

(Promo/episode preview) Kari Ann pulls up to Joe’s house to meet with him for the first time.


The Miracals - Hermosa - EP

Nev & Max read an e-mail from Joe then video chats with him to talk about Kari Ann.

Big Parade

The Lumineers - The Lumineers

Nev & Max travel to go meet with Joe in person.

Get Ur Gunz

Vicious Vicious

Nev takes a ride on Joe’s 4-wheeler.

Fortunes Wheel

Tan Vampires - For Physical Fitness

Joe plays a voice message from Kari Ann to Nev & Max then tells them he wants to meet her in person.

The Ties That Bind and Breaks With In

Driver Side Impact - Lion

Nev & Max leave Joe’s house to return to their hotel to begin an investigation on Kari Ann.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Nev & Max discuss Kari Ann while they drive in the car after leaving Joe’s house.

Que and Me


Nev & Max drive to go meet up with Joe again.

It's Good to Be Back Again

Mean Creek - The Sky (Or the Underground)

Nev, Max, Joe and his friends go in the batting cages and enjoy themselves.

Will I Ever Dance Again

StepDad - Wildlife Pop

Max, Nev, Joe and his friends go go-carting together.

I Found a Body

Tan Vampires - For Physical Fitness

At Joe's family home, Nev & Max talk to Joe’s parents about him and Kari Ann. 

I Found You There

Dan Nigro

At the home of Joe, Nev, Max & Joe call Kari Ann together.

How to Kiss a Dead Girl

Timothy Shrider

Nev, Max & Joe wait outside of Joe’s house to meet Kari Ann as her car pulls up.

So Sick of Her

Kevin Seaton

Rose aka Kari Ann gets out of the car and begins to explain herself to Joe and her reasons.


Kevin Seaton

Nev & Max drive over to Kari Ann bka Rose’s house to talk with her.

Uneunoia (MTV Real World Ambient Edit)

K.I.A. - Sonorous Susurrus

Rose explains her fake profile to Nev & Max and her reason for doing what she did.

When the Waves Turn the Minutes to Hours

Tal M. Klein - Plastic Starfish

Nev asks Rose if she could choose between her real relationships and fake profiles.

King and Queen

The Woodlands - The Woodlands

Rose shows Nev & Max the fake profile she made for Kari Ann.

Seven Colours (Chord Sixish)

Sean Renner - The Blossoms of Armageddon

Rose updates her "Kari Ann" Facebook profile with a message that she'll be going away for sometime and for people not to contact her.


Sean Renner - The Blossoms of Armageddon

Rose meets with Joe again to explain herself and her reasons.

Can We Stay

The Woodlands

Joe & Rose talk with Nev & Max then they leave Rose’s house.

How Do I Know

Here We Go Magic - Music from Drinking Buddies, A film by Joe Swanberg

Nev & Max drive their car next to Joe is on his 4-wheeler; (Sometime later) Nev & Max video chat with both him and Rose to receive an update on their current lives.

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