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Everyone Knows

Vacationer - Gone

Opening show montage.


Ha Ha Tonka - Death of a Decade

Opening show montage.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Opening show montage.

Leave You in Love

Gold Motel - Gold Motel

Nev & Max read through an email from Rod detailing his online relationship with "Ebony".

Your Eyes

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix

Nev & Max travel to Mississippi to meet with Rod in person.

I Can Go

White Arrows - Dry Land Is Not a Myth

Nev & Max meet with Rod at his restaurant in town.

Asleep in September

The Woodlands - The Woodlands

Nev & Rod discuss his relationship with Ebony and how the relationship formed.

Dream Store


Nev & Max meet Rod and his friends, they play basketball together and more details.

Paint the Pictures (2020)

of Verona - The White Apple

Rod tells his friend a detail that he left out about Ebony, that she is transgender.

Paint the Pictures

of Verona - Paint the Pictures - Single

Rod tells his friend a detail that he left out about Ebony, that she is transgender.


Shane Alexander

Nev, Max & Rod drive, they discuss Rod meeting Ebony in person.

Still Ghosts

Theft - For Your Rainy Heart

Ebony & Rod embrace each other then they reveal the secrets that they've been keeping from each other.

Ghosts in the Daylight

Atlantic Line - Exit to Intro

Nev takes Ebony aside and talks to her about how to proceed with Rod in the future.


Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Tropical House - Ministry of Sound

Rod, Nev, and Max say their goodbyes to Ebony.

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