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Everyone Knows

Vacationer - Gone

Opening show montage.


Ha Ha Tonka - Death of a Decade

Opening show montage.


Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

Opening show montage.


Seapony - Falling

Nev & Max video chat with Rico after receiving a message from him.

Honest Feedback

Saint Motel

Nev & Max travel to Bridgeport (CT) to meet with Rico in person.


Tremulous Monk - Sparkle Like Your Shoes

Rico calls Ja’mari while Nev and Max listen in on the conversation.

Breaking Is Fun

Marching Band - So Much Imagine

Rico talks to Nev & Max about Ja'mari after he gets off the phone with him.


Miracles of Modern Science - NYU Village Records: Basement Babble

Nev & Max leave Rico’s house, they discuss their thoughts on Rico & Ja'mari relationship as they drive away from the house.


Shanee Pink - Our United Hearts - EP

In Bridgeport, Nev, Max & Rico gather together for lunch and to discuss Ja'mari.

Train Song

Ocha la Rocha - Ocha Scores

As they have lunch, Nev & Max tell Rico what they found from their investigation on Ja’mari.

Night Bus

Lucy Rose - Like I Used To (Deluxe Edition)

Nev & Max go over to Rico’s house to tell him that they've spoken to Ja’mari and are willing to take him to Florida to meet him if that's what he wants.

Ballad of Oregon

River City Extension - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Anger

Nev, Max & Rico travel to Miami to meet with Ja'mari in person.

Tension in Mali

Dan Nigro

Nev, Max & Rico discover Ja'mari bka James has been arrested for stealing a bus.

First Light

Timothy Shrider

James explains to Rico, Nev & Max why he came up with his Ja’mari online persona.

Till the End of Time

A Boy and His Kite - A Boy and His Kite

Nev, Max & Rico go to meet with James again this time at a park.

Summer End

Vacationer - Gone

(A few months later) Nev & Max video chat with Rico and James to receive an update on their current lives and relationship status.

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