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Charlie Gray

Valise - Young Bloomer

April & Dominic have lunch with, Mariann, they talk about her her new job as a realtor and April quitting the Post when realise the time and leaves but not before tells Mariann about her wedding.

Here for the Party

Danger Twins - Danger Twins

Montage as Brenna, Beth & Natalie try on the ugliest of Bridesmaid dresses.

Beautiful Day

Imaginary Future - Sunlight

Margot's ex calls and she tells Brenna about her then tells they hangout how that Brenna won't going the school then Brenna kisses her but Margot pulls back. 

Just Like Dreaming

Javier Dunn

Brenna & Ford arrive at the printing store for April & Leo's wedding invitations only to have to deal with a surly clerk and to find April name misspelled on the invitations.

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