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The Wild Ones

The TVC - Talk About Us - EP

April & Leo have dinner with Leo's coworkers and friends, they make small talk until the subject of children and pregnancy is brought up which Leo & April have different answer to when asked.

Any Closer

Brain Tan

Beth arrives for her early breakfast date with Josh, he notices her attitude and demeanour toward him and bets her that by the time she finishes her coffee she'll want to see him again.

Wants What It Wants (Hushed)

Andrew Belle - Black Bear (Hushed) - EP

Beth & Josh make out at her apartment when she pulls away from this, she admits to him why she asked him out then offers him away out then admits to liking him now, he kisses her.

Pieces (Hushed)

Andrew Belle - Black Bear (Hushed) - EP

Brenna confesses to Finn the reason why she can't allow herself to feel anything for him in a romantic way; April wakes and gets the dessert from the night before then tries to wake up Leo but can't. 

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