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Amazing Grace

Adore Delano

Adore Delano, according to Leo's self written funeral plans, sings at his funeral then April, their friends and family release a parade of balloons into the air in remembrance of Leo. 

Fire Away

Lucy Schwartz - Timekeeper

Everyone asks April want she wants to for Leo's funeral; April returns to her childhood room and lays down in her bed, she sleeps and cries in Leo's robe when Brenna comes to retrieve her for Bruce. 


Valise - Young Bloomer

At the repass after the funeral, April talks to Beth & Natalie about all parade of well-wishers that passed since Leos passing when more people begin to approach her and she losses it after a few.

The Ghost In You (feat. Ness)


April climbs "the tree of life" at the cemetery, she finds another one of Leo's notes and reads it; the following morning April comes down to breakfast as George, Sara and Brenna have breakfast.

Bloodstream (Quartet Session)

Stateless - I'm On Fire - EP

April tells her family that she's heading out for the day, before she leaves she asks George about the trail; April meets Beth & Dominic for lunch; April goes to her and Leo's apartment, she cries.

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