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On Yucca

DJ Tiq Taq

The song is actually just called "Yucca" and is performed by GirlCrushPop! and DJ Tiq Taq. At the beach party when Demetri talks to Hawk, then tries to hit on Yasmine.


Joseph Stephens

Robby at the skate park.

I'm a Gangster

Paco - Hustlers Ambition

Hawk attempting to buy beer at the Mini Mart.

Overture: The Marriage of Figaro

Production Music Library

LaRusso making some breakfast and meets Johnny.

Take It On the Run

REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity

Johnny and Daniel are singing along to this song while riding on the Dodge Challenger.

The Swamp

Backdrifter - The Swamp EP

Daniel and Johnny at the bar.



At the store, Hawk tries to buy beer.


Hoodie Allen - The Hype

Songs plays after the confrontation between Aisha and Yasmine at the party.

For The Night

Hai Hai Doll

Arriving at the beach party.

The Food Stamp Stomp

Backdrifter - The Food Stamp Stomp - Single

Daniel and Johnny check out Ali on Facebook.

Master of Puppets

Metallica - S&M (Live)

Robbie at the skateboard park.

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