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Hungry Like the Wolf

Duran Duran - Awesome 80's Hits

Jake picks Amy and Raquel up when Tyler's car breaks down in the forest.


Frankie Goes to Hollywood - NOW That's What I Call 80s Hits

Jake dance in his car; Mercy arrives with Callum's gang go after Raquel; Sawyer takes on Mercy and her gang and gets kidnapped; Raquel and Amy go after them; Tyler waits for Amy to return in bed.

Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight)

Cilla Black - Completely Cilla (1963-1973)

Raquel looses control of her inner demon powers as Mercy stabs her father (Sawyer) through the heart with an icicle attacking the demons restraining her, destroy parts of the ice rink and Amy and electrocuting Mercy.

In the Still of the Night

The Five Satins - Doo-Wop

Jake and Amy continue their ride home; Callum asks his henchman if the destruction at the rink was caused by Sawyer or Raquel; Raquel tells Tyler that Amy left; Amy cries into Suzanne jacket.

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