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Un lento

Maria Augusta Bruni - Jukebox (1960)

00:02 Los Angeles, 1956 - Rita primps while waiting to see movie producer Sydney Bloom.

Sweet Annabelle

Morrie Morrison Orchestra

00:29 Rita asks Steve to wear a helmet because she's afraid of hurting him.

You're Only Lonely

JD Souther - You're Only Lonely

Cliff's day starts 08:55 am.

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)

Perry Como - 50's Top Ten Hits Vol 2

00:34 The Doom Patrol talk about their last encounter with Morden and everyone going crazy.

I Want Your Fun

The Darts (U.S.) - The Darts

Cliff freaks out and then speeds off in the bus.

Perfect Day

Lou Reed - The Essential Lou Reed (Remastered)

00:52 Dr. Clay gives the Doom Patrol their medication as they see themselves having their photo taken; Vic looks at his programming; Larry looks at an old patch; Rita takes down all her photos; Cliff looks at his daughter's on-line profile.

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