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LunchMoney Lewis - Happiness Forever!

Opening scene with Samuel, Rebeca and Valerio.

Wild Child

Damn the Witch Siren - Red Magic

Omar and Malick in the club.

Lunatic Moon

Pisces - Pisces

Cayetana, Polo, and Valerio canoodle in the pool.


Estiva - Repeater / Space Dust

Rebe and Samu arrive at the club.

Move Your Feet

DESTABILIZED - Move Your Feet - Single

In the club, Ander and Omar talk; Samuel tells Omar to trash Rebeca's bag.


The Wookies - Discotecno

At the club, Carla dances with Yeray.


The Hiiters - Electrogaga - EP

Before the blackout in the club, Valerio talks to Cayetana and Polo; Nadia confronts Malick.

Old Picta

SLVR - Old Picta - Single

At the club, Omar approaches Malick; Lucrecia talks to Nadia.

Let's Bounce (feat. MC Sherlock) [Club Mix]

Clyde Trevor - Turn the Music On (Club Mixes) - EP

During the blackout in the club when Nadia finds out about Malick and Omar.


Endless Forms - If There Were Water

At the end, Nadia is on the stairs of school upset and Lucrecia is comforting her.

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