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Tengo Un Trato

Mala Rodríguez - La Niña / Amor y respeto - EP

Rebeca gets up, pours herself a glass of water and offers food and drink to the police at her house.

Fun Fair

The Last Detail - The Last Detail

Nadia's dad tells Guzman his job duties and Rebeca talks to Samuel


CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

(0:08) At the party, Lu tells Polo that he destroyed her life.

Dancing Tonight

Cristina Quesada - Think I Heard a Rumour

(0:15) Malick and Omar talk in the club.

Crush on You

Brigitte Laverne - Wasted

Malick kisses Omar.


La Bien Querida - Fuego

Guzman and Nadia talk about their feelings and their future.

We Never Say Die (A Song for the Goonies)

Oblique - A Song for ...

Polo and Cayetana look at Lu's Stories then join Valerio on the dance floor.

Phoebe's Room

Brigitte Laverne - Brigitte Laverne - EP

Nadia tells Ander that she knows his secret.


HVOB - Rocco

Threesome between Valerio, Cayetana and Polo.


La Habitación Roja - Veinte Años de Canciones: 1995 - 2015

At the end, everyone at the party with their partners; Lu walks away from Guzman.

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