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Crow (Mixed)

Forest Swords - DJ-Kicks (DJ Mix)

At the beginning, Samuel walks and stares at Polo at the school.


CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead

At the beginning, Samuel walks the hall; Samuel stares at Polo at a party.

Kiska (Киска)

Kedr Livanskiy - Your Need

Lucrecia and Nadia are both filling out their applications for a scholarship for university in the principals office.

Bebo (De Bar en Peor)

Ladilla Rusa - Bebo (De Bar en Peor) - Single

Rebeka and Samuel go out to Valerio's car to notify him that Samuel is looking for a roommate.


Leïti Sene - GALARINA

Omar in an intimate moment.

Loner Boogie

Boy Azooga - 1, 2, Kung Fu!

Valerio is enjoying himself in Rebeka's house party.

Breathe For Me

Attic Lights - Super De Luxe

Omar visits Ander in the clinic, Lu and Nadia agree to compete for the scholarship, Valerio sits in his car and contemplates what he did the night before and Carla talks to Yeray to avoid Samuel.

En el Aire

Vega Almohalla - En el Aire - Single

Samuel and Rebeka make out at the end.


Cinthie - Mesmerizing - Single

At the club, Samu stares at Polo with hatred in his eyes, then grabs a knife.

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