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Take It To The Top

5 Alarm Music

Landry talks to his teammates at a party.

The Sky Above, The Field Below

Explosions in the Sky

The team is interviewed at the stadium; Mrs. Saracen asks Julie about Matt.

Baby C'mon

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Face the Truth

Touchdowns by Riggins, then by Saracen, and Riggins passes to Saracen for the third touchdown.

Sigh Your Children

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead

Coach Taylor pulls JD; the second half starts.

Something's Going to Come

Adem - Love and Other Planets

Tyra reads her essay to Landry; montage.

The Next Time Around

Little Joy

Radio show; conflict at the Riggins house.


Amy LaVere - Anchors and Anvils

Buddy asks Lila to move back in with him.


David Garza

The state final game against the Titans starts.


Explosions In the Sky - Friday Night Lights (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

JD yells at his teammates as the Panther remain scoreless.

Baby C'mon

Stephen Malkmus

The Panthers come back.

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