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None of Your Business


Hannah tells Marnie that she'll never judge her again and shuts Ray's bedroom door. (The credits roll)

Detroit '67

Sam Roberts - Love At the End of the World

Hanna & Adam handout with Desi, Clem & the theater cast at a local bar. They tell stories and antidotes when Hanna randomly announces her dismissible from her job.

Dancin' on the D

Lil Freckles

Lil Freckles performs on stage just before Marnie & Desi; Hannah, Shoshanna & Elijah talk in the balcony.

Bad Girl

Lee Moses - Blood Ties (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Detoxing, Jessa dances around in the apartment when Shoshanna comes home. Shoshanna rants about her day before realizing Jessa isn't listening, she then asks if it's being off of drugs and leaves.

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