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A Christmas Fucking Miracle

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels

Estelle, Rob, Letty & Javier pull up to the luxurious spa.

Who Me?

LAPS - Who Me? - EP

Letty trying to figure out how to pay the bill.

Die Wild

Dia Frampton - Bruises

Letty and Javier make love in the hotel after telling each other they shouldn't be together.

Mrs. Santa Claus

The Quinto Sisters - Holly Jolly Christmas

Letty robs the hotel rooms as Rob gives her the room numbers he gets working as one of Santa's elves in the hotel lobby.

White Christmas

Billie Marten - White Christmas - Single

Letty, Javier, Estelle and Rob open Christmas presents with each other in the hotel just before Javier & Letty are arrested by the FBI.

Winter Wonderland

The Sweeplings - A Sorted Noise Records Holiday

The episode ends as Javier and Letty are put, handcuffed, into the FBI van.

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