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Bounce Back

Olly Anna - Rebel Chick

TRAILER music for Season 2 premiere

Little Dark Age

MGMT - Little Dark Age

Beth unloads cleaning supplies when she bumps into a neighbor; Beth begins cleaning the blood on the carpet.


Massive Attack - Mezzanine

Rio attempts to make Beth shoot Dean, then he shoots Dean himself.


Broadcast - Tender Buttons

Beth sits in a daze and waits with Ruby and Annie at the hospital.


Masego - Lady Lady

Agent Turner goes over Boomer's evidence bag he left; Ruby gives Sara takes her meds when Stan comes home; Ruby and Beth explain to their children what happened to Dean.


Le1f - Hey - EP

Ruby, Annie and Beth track different Search Diagnostic drivers until they find the right guy; Beth gives her DNA sample.


Mr. Mister - The Best of Mr. Mister

Agent Turner finds Boomer dancing with a woman at a bar when he comes to speak to him.

Crazy No More

The Romeos - The Romeos - EP

Agent Turner tells Boomer that he was right about Beth, Annie, and Ruby then tells him he's going to take them down; Boomer attempts to hustle Turner for money for helping him.


Juniore - Magnifique - Single

Ruby stalls the line where the Search Diagnostic driver orders a drink at a cafe, Beth and Annie break into the van to get the evidence against them.

Better Days

Sunrise in the Desert

Sitting on the park bench.

Follow No Leader

Arum Rae

Ruby hesitates in the car in front of the police station.

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