Freedom! '90

George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1

(Oct. 11, 1990) Ruby meets Beth and Annie for the first time as teens then offers to drive them to grocery store.

Time in My Mind

Emilie Mover - Mighty Time

Beth arrives home to find Dean tied and gagged then finds all her cash dug up from the backyard.


Nine One One - Faru Chou

Ruby calls Annie to tell her and Beth that Agent Turner brought their plan, she refuses to speak with Beth when Annie asks.

Turn to Me

Nik Ammar, Franklyn Hill - Indie Americana 2

Annie helps Nancy through labor.


Robin Loxley & Frank Fields - Alt Hip Hop

Ruby and Beth arrive at PJ's apartment to find a party there.


Juniore - Panique - Single

Montage as Beth and Ruby search the boys apartment for the money.

Tower Of Our Tuning

Broadcast - The Noise Made By People

Beth asks Ruby for the truth after they’ve put the money in garbage bags. Agent Turner sits outside in his car and the police show up and arrest PJ & Tobin.

Can I Kick It?

A Tribe Called Quest - Hits, Rarities & Remixes

Beth tells Ruby about being asked to prom by senior Dean as they try to pick out a movie to go see.

After the Fall

Chelsea Wolfe

Beth arrives home to find Dean and the children gone, then finds a letter from Dean on the refrigerator; (continues) Beth drives with Ruby and Annie as they comfort her.

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