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Rebel Chick

Olly Anna - Rebel Chick - Single

Davia and Dennis have fun as they shoot for her Instragram then she tells him about her mother coming for a visit.


Jessica Hernandez - Baby - Single

(Flashback) Bonnie and Davia hand out at the Coterie during a party, Bonnie asks her about Dennis then sends him over a drink from Davia as he makes out with his date, Misty.


Cass XQ - Fresh

Malika and Joseph help Joseph's elderly, wheelchair bound neighbor Selina down the stairs of their apartment building. Joseph and Malika have a discussion about how long the elevator has been broken.

Sorry About the Carpet

Agar Agar - The Dog and the Future

Davia and Bonnie have a light dinner when Bonnie brings up the subject of Jeff causing Davia to reveal that she's no longer in love with him which her mother advises her to rethink.

Wish You Were Here

Charlie Collins - Snowpine

Mariana and Raj discuss him leaving her team and their relationship, then Mariana tells Raj that if Evan ever tried to hit on her she'd turn him down.


David Ramirez

Davia attempts to stop herself from breaking down after confrontation with her mother and Dennis; Bonnie asks Dennis why he never called then slips him her hotel room key.

Rich and Famous

Sara Phillips - Rich and Famous - Single

Dennis follows after Davia after storms away in anger, then attempts to talk to her through her door.


Gem Club - In Roses

Davia cries by herself after Dennis leaves.

No Talk

Lowell - Lone Wolf

(Flashback) Dennis wakes up in bed with Bonnie, Davia's mother; Davia texts with her mother then begins to text Jeff and thinks of Dennis. End credits.

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