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Jeff tells Davia after they make love that he can't wait for them to be together all the time; Malika arrives at her advocate meeting where she's told that they'll be doing a protest soon.

Rumba en el Solar

Chico Alvarez - Esa Brujería

Montage as Mariana's work is continuously interrupting by Evan asking her dating advice.

No Worries

LeyeT - thoughts - EP

Malika moles over her wants to do when it comes to her political activism vs. her potential job then posts about BLM.

La La Land

Naomi Wild - La La Land - Single

Gael finds his sculptor at Jamie's house; Marcus asks Callie if she wants to join his Class Action lawsuit; Callie finds the "Coterie Bitches" chat on Mariana's computer.

Sunrise (Staying Out Late)

Arum Rae

Davia finishes dressing then goes to Dennis' room to speak with him.

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