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Tear the World Apart

Casey Laine - Tear the World Apart - Single

At a Black Lives Matter protest against Judge Wilson Malika records even though she Wilson has restraining order against her; Benjamin warns Malika to leave; Malika is arrested with the protestors.

Out of My Body Remix

Brain Tan

Mariana complains the Coterie roommates about being kicked off her app, fixer Kendra and Callie moving out on her.

Out of My Body (Remix)

Brain Tan

Mariana complains to the group about being kicked off her apps, fixer Kendra and Callie moving out; Kelly is insensitive to Gael.

Hate Me


Joey brings Alice after her set at the night club then has a awkward run in with her and Lindsay; Davia reads the posts about her when Dennis comments on the post.


Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (Super Deluxe)

Davia turns on music then dances around her room as she gets dolled up.


Heidy Brown - Mala - Single

Alice apologizes to Lindsay if there was any awkwardness between her and Joey; Lindsay offers Alice a spot opening up for her at a comedy show during a overnight trip in Sacramento.

Fat Bitches

Good Trouble Cast

Gael helps Davia shot a clapback music video; (repeats) Davia and Gael edit the clap back video when Davia tells Gael about Jeff being married and how his wife posted about her.

Fat Bitches


Gael helps Davia shot a music video; (repeats) [0:24] Davia and Gael edit their video as Davia tells Gael about why she needed to make the clapback video.



Callie and Judge Wilson arrive at Tate's apartment; (flashback) Wilson gets the call that Tate has died; (flashback) Tate and Wilson have a argument after Wilson refuses to help Tate anymore.

Let's Get Started

Sun Heat

Lindsay and Sumi flirt in front of Alice which frustrates her; Sumi and Lindsay both ask Alice if they can ask the other out.

Love Somebody

Robyn Sherwell

Malika and Dennis drown their sorrows in liquor; (flashback) Issac tells Malika how feels about her activism and their relationship; Malika asks Dennis about his secrets.

Do Your Thing

Leroy Sibbles - Do Your Thing - Single

Mariana heads to her new team aka her old team; Mariana asks Raj to be her former groups team leader.

En route madame

Caroline Lacaze - En route

Alice asks for Davia advice on Sumi and Lindsay.

i'll choose u

neek - i'll choose u - Single

Callie tells Jamie that she loves him then tells him that their living situation doesn't have to be temporary; Callie gets a call from Judge Wilson.

Walk Away


Davia finds portrait of herself made by Gael; Gael begins to paint; Alice lies to Sumi about Lindsay (flashback) Gael tells Kendra of his two weeks notice; Davia finds Malika in Dennis room.

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