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The Lake

Kat May - Beyond the North Wind

Davia opens the book Malika gave to her as a present. Malika finds out that the city attorney is pressing charges. Mariana & Raj talk on the roof. Callie wakes up Jamie.

Barely Shook

Chair Model

Evan texts Mariana, apologizing for his proposition to fail her app on purpose.

Love Let It Go


(Flashback) As they have wine, Callie asks Jamie about Anwei International then they discuss the housing shortage, if they need to disclose a conflict of interest and take themselves off the account.

Ready To Run

Doc Robinson

(Flashback) In an attempt to stop Sumi from running into Lindsay, Alice by getting Sumi's schedule.



Marianna tells Raj that Evan asked her to sabotage the launch of her app.


Otis Kane

Malika is offered a full and paid position at her job as an organizer; Malika tells her dad about the job offer then he asks her about her situation with restraining order business.

Sun and Moon

RANDALL - Sun and Moon

Sumi shows up at the Door in an attempt to run into Lindsey while with Alice only to find Alice with Meera.

Sun and Moon

Randall & Davis Mallory

Sumi arrives at the bar in an attempt run into Lindsey on to find Alice with Meera.

Better Get It

VALA - Better Get It - Single

Sumi has a awkward encounter with Meera; Sumi attempts to make conversation with Malika; Meera asks Alice if Sumi knew she'd be there; (Flashback) Alice sets up Sumi to come to Dora.

5000 Hits

Las Rosas - Flower in the Sun - EP

Malika texts Callie offering to buy her a drink; Isabella "Help Mate"'s Gael again, where at an apartment she flirts with him before stripping.

La fin du monde

Juniore - La fin du monde / Marche - Single

Gael explains his current relationship status to Isabella; Gael gives Isabella his phone number so that they can contact each other personally.


Giovanny Ayala

As they walk home, Alice and Sumi discuss boundaries when it comes to dating exes and each others friends.

Doin' Me

Bagsy - What I Want - EP

Malika asks Callie about her and Jamie and how Mariana is lonely without her then Callie offers Malika legal advise on her current situation with the plea deal or jail time.

Party Comet

Angel Davanport

Malika and Dom dance it out before embracing in a hug.


French 79 - Seriously, Eric? #Poolside

Callie tells Jamie she's moving back in with Mariana; Malika is told there is a stipulation to the plea deal; Mariana and Evan meet on the roof; Davia begins reading the book Malika gave her.

Missed Connection

The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage

Malika announces she not taking the plea deal but going to trail; Callie arrives back to Coterie and her old room only to find Mariana's new roommate, Isabella, there.

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