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Against the Wall

Sun Heat

Opening montage.

So Much to Say

The Knuckles - So Much to Say - Single

The Knuckles perform at Trap Heals; Malika rejoices in being at the show.

Sun King

8waves - Sun King - Single

Davia and Dennis enter Trap Heals. Flashback by Gael of Dennis.

Bon Voyage

Danger Twins

Alex and Sam get fired

Judge Me (feat. Zoner)

Skulastic - Skulastic

Alice acupuncture when Ruby arrives; Ruby asks Alice why she hasn't responded back about an audition.


Ty Frankel

Dom flashes back to the fight he has with his dad once he sees him at the party; Callie flashes back to the conversation she had with Jamie; Davia reads Isabella confession tag.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Pony Cop

Malika gives back Dom's Christmas present to her father and suggest he give it to him.

No More Loyalty


Joseph gives Dom the Christmas gift and apologizes to him.


DecadeZ - Stuntin' - Single

Raj comes to apologize to Isabella.

God (feat. DT Da Ruler)

Damon Turner

Damon Turner and DT Da Ruler perform; Malika is impressed by the men in her life; the Coterie family jam at the party.


Myln - Shine

Dennis goes to the Memorial installation.


Rob Giles

Dennis sings for Davia the song he would sing to Jacob; (flashback) Dennis sings to Jacob.


Damon Turner - God - Single

Song to remind you of exactly of who we are


Rob Giles

Dennis sings 'Jacob's song'

Can't Be Sure

Lune Rose - Can't Be Sure - Single

Callie confronts Jamie about who works for and the ramifications.

La fin

Folly and the Hunter

Gael shows Dennis the pixelated image of Jacob he made for him, they hug; Malika tells Issac that she show him having Reiki healing, he tells her he'll seek help.

Three octaves


Mariana and Isabella talk. Callie moves back into the coterie.

La Fin

Folly & the Hunter - Remains

Gael shows Dennis the pixelated image he made of Jacob for him, they hug; Issac tells Malika that he wants to seek help after she tells him she saw him receiving Reiki healing at Trap Heals.

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