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Bien - Electric Dream - EP

Lindsey advises Alice on want to do with her lack of muse; Alice meets a fan; Callie arrives home.

Thrill of It

Amy Stroup

Alice advises Sumi to go after Lindsey before its to late; Sumi leaves the bathroom and spontaneously kisses Lindsey.

Spirit and Decline

Gem Club

At his grief meeting, Dennis is advises not to start a new relationship while in grief; Gael attempts to work on a painting but is unable to focus as he keeps returning to a previous conversation with his father.

Spirit In Decline

Gem Club

Dennis is advised not to enter a relationship while working through grief; Gael attempts to work but keeps slipping back to his earlier conversation with his father.

Money On the Table (feat. 1STCLSS)

Lowpass Lushes - Money On the Table (feat. 1STCLSS) - Single

(Montage) Gael and Dennis daring each other throughout the day.

New Toys

Gingerlys - Gingerlys

Alice writes a new comedy act; (flashback) Alice and Ruby discuss different topics which fuel Alice's new comedy act as they have drinks, they later end up kissing.


Middlemist Red - Ripple Soul

(Flashback) Lindsey tells Alice and Sumi about a scout coming to the show.

Mark Set Go

Viv + Co - Viv + Co - EP

Ruby asks both Lindsey and Alice to audition for Comedy Be TV diversity program.


Radclyffe Hall

Callie looks through Jamie's files to find out what the Solano Apartments means to Jamie's clients.


Rachel West - Reach - Single

Malika in the pool.

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