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Super Duper Party People

Allie X - Cape God (The Digital Concert)

Callie and Marianna ready for The Fosters and the Hunters get together party.


The Dutch National Folk and Dance Orchestra - Authentic Holland

Everyone gathers together after getting dressed up.

Morning Wood

Die Schwaigerdirndln Agnes und Resi - Passport to Germany

Carter brings up his transferring to UCLA.

Back to You


Conner apologizes to Jude for moving to LA during past relationship then kisses him which Carter sees.

Hopfa Harvest (Vox)

Michl Eberwein & Sepp Kiefer

Jude tells Stef and Lena about Corey's sister; Eliza and Brandon reveal that Eliza's deal fell through but that their still going to Amsterdam because of Brandon's job; Diane blows up at Jim.

Hand in Glove


Stef and Lena discuss fostering Corey's sister, Ka'maya; Jamie ask Callie to speak, they end up kissing then in bed together.

Hidden Shelters

Lovelier Other - Effort - EP

Jamie tells Callie that them hooking up was a mistake after they disagree on where they stand; Carter and Jude have a serious talk about their relationship and where they're headed.

Day In Day Out

Bootstraps - Demo Love

The Adams-Fosters and Hunters say their goodbyes.

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