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Watch Me Go

RUSL & Ark Woods

Mariana discusses her role at the office as they head to court when they run into Raj and Claire.

Close Call


At Douro, Malika works on her grant application before her shift starts while making a new friend at the lounge bar; Malika offers to help Dyonte on his own grant application after her work shift.


Alice Phoebe Lou

Callie arrives home to Mariana mopping; (flashback) Mariana meets with Claire, Gina and Rachel after they're manipulated into meeting up by Raj and Callie; the girls update Mariana on Bulk Beauty; Mariana tells Callie about the with the rest of the girls from Byte Club, Callie advises her to make peace with them.

Ludwig Part

Magic Robot

Montage as Malika works through the night working on Dyonte's and her own grant applications through the night.

Feel Good About It

Marching Band - Spark Large

Mariana comes to Claire, Rachel and Gina to apply for a job with Bulk Beauty; (flashback) Gina suggest to Rachel and Claire that they hire Mariana; Mariana accepts a job with Bulk Beauty.

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