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Diamond Thug

Opening montage of events of past, present and future events.

What They Think (feat. Andrea Chahayed)

Carter Ace & Swoon

(Flashback) Mariana meets Zelda while getting coffee, they bond over caffeine, shoes and Oat milk.

Cape Town Plush

Sir Woman - Cape Town Plush - Single

At Douro, Angelica brings Malika and Tanya empanadas; Malika asks Tanya if she senses a queer-vibe from Angelica, they then discuss the possibility if the hike Angelica invited Malika on is a date and what is means for Malika.

Dial Tone

Dead Toms

Montage of Davia doing a photoshoot with the clothes she received from FashionSpoke.

Makin' Moves

Olly Anna X Lucky Dropout

Zelda finds the Oat milk empty in the lunch room; (flashback) Mariana pours out the Oat milk into the kitchenette sink; Mariana offers Zelda some of her Oat milk in BB's office.

Do it Like Me

Dream Tingz

Claire, Rachel and Gina celebrate after Mariana helped them get help from Zelda with Contend; Mariana offers her help with the Contend pitch but the others asks her to just work on the analytics coding for the site.

Young Blood

Soul Push

Malika and Angelica go on their hike together; Angelica manages to get Malika to give up control and turn off her phone for a few hours to just enjoy herself.



Judge Gutierrez in Tommy's case agrees to throws out the video of him fighting with Zack; Davia scrolls through Instagram when she receives notifications that Dennis has liked old photos of herself.

Por Eso


At the Martinez house, Gael and Jazmin have meet with her family along with Isabella and Spencer.


I Am ORFA & Bodytalkr

Davia assures Dennis that she isn't spiraling out on an anorexia binge again just because she's lost weight; on a hill top, Malika and Angelica sit taking in the view, Malika then asks Angelica if she'd like to come over the Coterie for dinner.

Winter (feat. Emma Cole)

Our Violet Room

Jazmin announces her engagement to Spencer; Spencer asks for Hugo's permission for them to marry; the Martinez family celebrate Jazmin and Gael's news; Davia makes a confession on body positivity on her IG; Dennis watches Davia's feed; (flashback) Dennis texts Matt suggesting that he check in on Davia; Davia packs packs away the clothing from FashionSpoke to send the package back.



Gael and Callie make out in celebrating of everything going right with his family when his mother arrives to drop a package off to Isabella and catches them; Gael confesses to his mother that Callie is his girlfriend.

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