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Keep It Up

The Alright Alrights

Montage as the group at the Coterie volunteer their time together to care for Yvonne's children and help out Malika; Malika and Callie discuss Yvonne's case; Callie announces how comfortable Gael and Isabella are with caring for the children; Mariana checks in on Callie.

For the Sake of It


Alice cleans up the breakfast mess when Sumi comes in, they avoid talking about their previous kiss then Sumi attempts to help Alice out with dealing with the show case.

Without You

Perfume Genius

Gael and Isabella discuss on plans for her moving out for a job and her own home then moving back when her due date is near to give birth.

You & Me

Ed Patrick

Malika and Dyonte cuddle together then discuss future children and how it children work in poly relationships; Malika asks Dyonte about when she should tell him if she's interested in someone else.

Life Is Beautiful

Joy Oladokun

Margaret Cho returns to mentor and direct the comedy program; (flashback) Sumi confronts Margaret after her and Alice's meeting with her; Margaret tells Alice why she returned then tells her that Sumi is a keeper.



Davia shows Jessie her body-pos Instagram account while trying to give her a pep talk about not letting her friends decide who she gets to be because of her size then suggests she dance for herself and because she enjoys it.

The One I Need

Amy Stroup

Mariana texts Zelda about the other beauty app job; Alice and Sumi drink together in celebration; (flashback) Alice breaks up with Ruby.



As they work at the bar, Malika thanks Angelica for helping out with Yvonne then asks her if their hike was a date then begin to flirt with one another and share their first kiss together.



As they have a dinner date, Callie true feels begins to show about Isabella and the baby after Gael tells her that Isabella wants to leave LA during the pregnancy when he wants to be apart of the pregnancy.

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